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This is pure high adrenaline storytelling and thats okay. Get help and learn more about the design. This book reviews site hosts advertising banners and links served by various third-party advertising networks who use cookies to record the performance of that advertising including impressions/ clicks/ actions taken by users of this website, including IP address/ geographic location/ referral page etc. He grew up reading science fiction and crime novels by the likes of Ursula Le Guin, J G Ballard and Jim Thompson. "Daniel Woodrell, author of Winter's Bone "I read this book in one long dark night of the soul. Categories: Expect the buzz to build quickly for this onethink The Woman in the Window for 2019. The happy couple were very smiley as they cosied . Adrian McKinty's The Chain was one of last year's hottest thrillers. Read it that way and its a thriller on more levels than one. This nightmarish story is incredibly propulsive and original. I raced to the end of the book and then went back to see how Adrian McKinty pulled it all off. You can now read McKintys origin story everywhere, so lets move on to the question of whether his new embrace of James Pattersons sentence structure works for him. Alas, its not to be. To McKinty's great credit, he can make readers wonder at any point whether the ground may fall beneath their feet and how much evil they might be pushed toward. "Meg Gardiner, author of Into the Black Nowhere"Adrian McKinty's The Chain is the rare thriller that's not only fiendishly clever but also powerfully empathetic, with both hair-raising twists and complex, fully-realized characters. Something much better than expected. STEPHEN KING, McKinty is one of the most striking and most memorable crime voices to emerge on the scene in years. In an interview on CBS McKinty talked about never giving up and took the interviewer, Jeff Glor, to Plum Island, Massachusetts, where The Chain is set. An Amazon Best Book of July 2019: The Chain is one of those white-knuckle, stay-up-till-3 a.m. thrillers that keeps you reading feverishly because you just need to know how this one plays out. I started this website in 2009 and quickly realised I enjoy writing and blogging about books almost as much as reading them. I really wanted to read this, swoon & write a glowing review. Otherwise The Chain will be broken. Adrian McKinty has written a novel thats nail-biting, smart, and convincing, with a plot-jolting twist that readers of Gone Girl will love. In the meantime, I urge readers to check out this highly talented authors far superiorback catalogue. Best known for his outstanding Sean Duffy series, set during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, McKinty has also written several gripping stand-alones, of which this one is the best yet; in fact, it may well be the biggest thriller of the summer . She has a brother-in-law, a former Marine officer who at first glance looks as though he might possess the "particular set of skills" that will be required to come through this situation until his flaws come to light. "Dennis Lehane, New York Times bestselling author of Mystic River and Since We Fell"A masterpiece. Buy "The Chain" on Barnes & Noble Adrian McKintys novel The Chain makes readers wonder how much evil they might be pushed toward. The Characters: Rachel, her daughter Kylie . One of the finest novels ever produced in the genre. #Giveaway, In The Morning Ill Be Gone by Adrian McKinty, Review: Stirring humanity, FLATLAND A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin Abbott, Book Review, Trust by Chris Hammer (Martin Scarsden #3), Book Review + Giveaway, UPRISING by Nic Low, Book Review: Candid walk through history, Booklover Hub, 100+ Authors Seeking Book Reviewers, Aussie Author Reading Challenge 2021, Booklover Book Reviews, Aussie Author Reading Challenge 2020: Championing Australian writers & book reviews. I may not read a better thriller in my lifetime. GENERAL THRILLER & SUSPENSE | Adrian's . Adrian McKinty was born and grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland during the Troubles of the 1970s and 1980s. This is nothing short of JAWS for parents. Dark and unsettling, this novels end arrives abruptly even as readers are still moving at a breakneck speed. CRIME & LEGAL THRILLER | "David Lagercrantz, author of The Girl in the Spider's Web and The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (Continuing Stieg Larsson's Millennium Series). Rachel Klein drops her daughter, Kylie, at the bus stop and heads into her day. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author ofThe Black Widowcomes the thrilling newsummerblockbuster featuring legendary spy, assassin and art restorer Gabriel Allon. "Don Winslow, New York Times bestselling author of The Cartel and The Force"Rachel Knight's daughter has been abducted, and the only way Rachel can save her is to add another kidnapped child to the terrifying chain. "Alafair Burke, New York Times bestselling author of The Better Sister and The Wife"The Chain is diabolical, unnerving, and gives a whole new meaning to the word 'relentless.' One of the finest novels ever produced in the genre. The Chain is a straight-up, stone-faced thriller, a present-tense race.thunderous ride into the darkest, most fearful reaches of a parent's mind)-- Paddy Hirsch, NPR. The last third was kind of pointless, didn't care anymore. She drifted away from her other two children, Hanna and Jake, and eventually she and her husband, Paul, divorced. In the end, what makes The Chain so frighteningand why it works so well as a thrilleris that all of Rachel's actions remain completely relatable, even as she whipsaws between terror and determination, morphing from victim to perpetrator. I read several of the negative reviews of THE CHAIN posted here by other fans of McKinty's previous work and have to thoroughly disagree with . Adrian is a reviewer and critic for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Irish Times and The Guardian. . He's the real deal. Communication. It just doesn't get any better than this. What comes next is clunky and a little didactic, making the story bigger than it needs to be, but at least were in the hands of someone who knows how to finish things off with one last irresistible sprint into darkness. This is nothing short of JAWS for parents., Diabolically gripping. He now lives in New York City with his wife and two children. Welcome to the Quantum Realm. Publisher: Orion Publishing Co. ISBN: 9781409189602. Agent: Shane Salerno, Story Factory. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Adrian McKinty The Chain Mass Market Paperback - December 28, 2021 by Adrian McKinty (Author) 8,705 ratings Editors' pick Best Mystery, Thriller & Suspense See all formats and editions Kindle $9.99 Read with Our Free App Audiobook $0.00 Free with your Audible trial Hardcover $34.00 10 Used from $23.50 15 New from $27.45 Paperback Im Jo, an Aussie book reviewer. Human beings are creatures whose lives are governed by deep instincts. Since the clients do most of the work themselves, one criminal says, what it turns out to be is the goddamn Uber of kidnapping., To Save Her Abducted Daughter, This Heroine Has to Kidnap a New Victim, 4.9. Just brilliant. "Tana French, New York Times bestselling author of The Witch Elm and The Trespasser"This nightmarish story is incredibly propulsive and original. Her mother, Rachel, then receives a call that she is now part of The Chain. Copyright 2023 Meredith Corporation. Choose from Same Day Delivery, Drive Up or Order Pickup. $7.98 . Annabel Monaghan / Book Review. His plots tempt you to read at top speed, but don't give in: this writing -- sharply observant, intelligent and shot through with black humor -- should be savored., Adrian McKintys The Chain is the rare thriller thats not only fiendishly clever but also powerfully empathetic, with both hair-raising twists and complex, fully-realized characters., The Chain is diabolical, unnerving, and gives a whole new meaning to the word relentless. Adrian McKinty just leapt to the top of my list of must-read suspense novelists. I defy anyone to start this book and put it down without finishing it. January 25, 2023; Tagged film, miscommunication trope, romance, romantic comedy, single parent. I asked myself again and againwould I do that? 3.5 w sumie cakiem dobry krymina z wtkiem sensacyjnym. McKinty's writing is paced to match. A pitch-perfect psychological thriller. The scheme brings to light a spectrum of humanity ranging from unimaginable viciousness to well, Rachel thinks she knows her own nature until this storys onslaught of terrible choices hits her. SUSPENSE | One evening, driving in her car, Rachel O'Neill gets a phone call. New Thriller 'The Chain' Has An Origin Almost As Exciting As Its Plot. It seemed like any other morning. SUSPENSE, by The Chain is a straight-up, stone-faced thriller, a present-tense race to find out how Rachel will react to the unthinkable and then find a way to do the unthinkable herself. And when I first started reading I thought I was correct. In Adrian McKinty's thriller The Chain, that's precisely what the victims are required to do. Peter (on semi hiatus and trying to catch up), Sandy *TheworldcouldendwhileIwasreadingndIwouldnto, Remember those? isnt as silly or one-note as it initially sounds. And because McKinty hangs on to his wit and literacy even under duress. The Chain belongs in the elite company of world-class thrillers like Gone Girl and The Silence of the Lambs. McKinty returned to writing after the book landed him a six-figure English-language book deal, and was optioned for a film adaptation by Paramount Pictures. An original premise, relentless pacing, and strong female characters lift this nail-biter from Edgar winner McKinty (the Sean Duffy series), which takes a no-holds-barred look at how far a parent will go to protect her child. She must pay a ransom and kidnap another familys child, and then that family must do the same for her daughter to be released. How thoroughly can we be spied upon? The Chain asks this of a series of characters who realize themselves capable of far worse than they ever imagined. You Save 11%. Genre: Fiction + Literature Genres. His plots tempt you to read at top speed, but dont give in: this writing sharply observant, intelligent and shot through with black humor should be savored. A volcanic eruption is quite another, for, as the journalist who does a framing voice-over narration for Brooks latest puts it, when Mount Rainier popped its cork, it was the psychological aspect, the hyperbole-fueled hysteria that had ended up killing the most people. Maybe, but the sasquatches whom the volcano displaced contributed to the statistics, too, if only out of self-defense. A STRANGER HAS KIDNAPPED YOUR CHILD. Hes the real deal., "The Chain is a unique and unforgettable thriller. . [21] Steve Dougherty writing in The Wall Street Journal praised McKinty's use of irony and humour as a counterpoint to the violent world inhabited by McKinty's Sean Duffy character. Suggested Age: 22 Years and Up. The rules are simple: find the money, find your victim, and then commit a horrible act youd have thought yourself incapable of just 24 hours ago. [8], He also began working as a writer and reviewer for a number of publications including The Guardian,[9] The Sydney Morning Herald,[10] The Washington Post,[11] The Independent,[12] The Australian,[13] The Irish Times[14] and Harpers. In a late-night phone call, Salerno persuaded McKinty to write what would become The Chain. [ This book was one of our most anticipated titles of July. Book Description: It's something parents do every morning: Rachel Klein drops her daughter at the bus stop and heads into her day. I recommend his award-winning In The Morning Ill Be Gone, Gun Street Girl and Rain Dogs unreservedly. It's an infuriating choice, to torture the reader this way, but it's the smart one. "Bestselling author Dervla McTiernan"My God! You won't shake it for a long time. Entdecke SIGNIERTE Stadt der Trume: Ein Roman von Don Winslow, signiert, neu, Bestseller in groer Auswahl Vergleichen Angebote und Preise Online kaufen bei eBay Kostenlose Lieferung fr viele Artikel! Falling Glass - Adrian Mckinty - Unabridged CD Audiobook. You have never read anything quite like THE CHAIN and you will never be able to forget it. Terrific. All Rights Reserved. The Chain. . At once a commentary on social media, greed, revenge, love, and true evil, and written with an almost lyrical quality, this book will have readers searching for more McKinty titles to devour. "I have this Forrest Gump-ian way of touching something and it becomes a hit!" Winners announced at the Audie Awards Gala in New York City on May 28th hosted by award winning author Jack Gantos", "2015 Shortlist | Australian Crime Writers Association", "Mystery Writers of America is proud to announce the Nominees for the 2016 Edgar Allan Poe Awards", "bloody delighted to be shortlisted for best mystery audiobook! See the full list. Average for the last 12 months. But what the masterminds behind The Chain know is that parents will do anything for their children. His plots tempt you to read at top speed, but don't give in: this writing sharply observant, intelligent and shot through with black humor should be savored.

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