city of phoenix non permitted construction

Conference and Reception Center: A building or structure which houses one or more of the following: Cafeteria or dining room for employees or a related office complex, kitchen, ballroom, banquet room. Wireless Communication Facility, Monopole: A single, freestanding and unguyed pole-type structure erected on the ground that supports one or more antenna. Lot Coverage, Planned Residential Development: The total structural coverage provided on the sum of all the lots within the Planned Residential Development of which is divided or prorated between each of the lots after streets (both public and private) are subtracted from the total net area. In any residential district, any dwelling shall be deemed to be the main building of the lot on which the same is situated. The term "substantial conformance" may be used as a subset of a general conformance stipulation to remove the ten percent variation and as such that particular item shall appear exactly as shown on the stipulated public hearing plans. Temporary Fence: Structure used to enclose an outdoor activity or use for a period as set forth in Section 703.C that is contained fully above ground and includes no permanently implanted or affixed footings. A hospice shall be licensed by the State of Arizona. Sign, Area of: That area in square feet of the smallest geometric figure or combination of regular geometric figures which figure or figures entirely enclose both the copy and the sign face. G-3731, 1994; Ord. The location of a wireless communication facility on athletic field light poles, water towers, street lights, traffic light or utility poles, walls and fences, and suspended wire antennas would also be considered disguised if the antennas, cabling and related equipment and structures are not commonly recognized as a Wireless Communication Facility. Learn about how non-permitted construction can hurt your project, home and pocketbook. Such events may include but shall not be limited to fairs, bazaars, rummage sales, dances, and dinners. No. Sign, Inflatable: A sign that is inflated with air or a lighter-than-air substance. Unpermitted addition in Phoenix. A guest room may not contain any cooking facilities. Artistic Enhancement: Permanent works of art located in exterior spaces arranged for public use and enjoyment. No. Required open space is to be centrally located, be a minimum of 1,000 square feet of level surface area, and maintain a maximum grade of 4:1 at any point including its periphery. Streets without on-street parking shall be planted with a continuous landscaping strip for the entire width of the Streetscape Zone as follows: (1) Trees shall be planted in the center of the Streetscape Zone between curb and back of sidewalk. Financial Institution: A State or Federally chartered bank, credit union, mortgage lender, savings and loan association, or automated teller machine. This definition applies to schools that are owned and operated privately for profit. Owner: A person recorded as such on the records of the County Assessor, or a person who has been granted written authorization by the owner to act on his behalf. G-6304, 2017; Ord. 1]Lj:N:Yn68':[.7OD2RG!U p|fTM2)q,']Ed?. The terms and conditions of approval for remedial or corrective action conducted entirely on site and authorized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency pursuant to federal law; or. The term does not include any other group living arrangement for unrelated individuals who are not disabled nor correctional transitional facilities, or residential facilities for sex offenders. A boarding house is not a community residence home or center, hotel, motel, residential inn, or bed and breakfast. Cooking Area: The area where food is cooked. Wireless Communication Facilities can be concealed, disguised or visible. Station Platform: An elevated platform to the level of the passenger doors on the light rail vehicles to allow for access to all passengers. Public AssemblyResidential: Venues where patrons gather for activities and where the assemblage follows a pattern that significantly changes the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic within a residential neighborhood. Lot, Area: The total horizontal area within the property lines of a lot or parcel of land including land over which easements have been granted, but not including any land within the limits of a street or alley upon which the lot abuts. the modified washes are revegetated to closely match the context area with regards to plant species, range of plant maturity and other conditions occurring in the context area. 4. G-6278, 2017; Ord. Appliance Repair Services: An establishment providing appliance repair or office machine repair. 31-44 DrivewaysDuty of Street Transportation and Planning and Development Director | Phoenix City Code City Code Chapter 31, Streets and Sidewalks Chapter 31 Art. Sign Height: The distance measured from natural grade or the nearest public sidewalk or street curb when such are adjoining the site to the maximum height of the sign face. No. But it turns out that the master bed and bath for the main house . Animation: The movement, or the optical illusion of movement of any part of the sign structure, design, or pictorial segment including the movement of any illumination or the flashing, scintillating, or varying of light intensity. 1. No. When the delineation of a parking, maneuvering, ingress, or egress area is required as a result of similar dust free surfaces being used throughout the front yard, then alternative methods such as the use of fences, landscape hedges, berms, or painted demarcations (on hard surfaces) shall be permitted as approved by the Planning and Development Department. Reader Panel: A sign designed to permit rapid change of copy which shall be other than the name of the business advertised by electronic or mechanical means. No. No. No. (Ord. Wireless Communication Facility, Visible: A facility that is clearly recognized and not concealed or disguised. Non-Permitted Construction Enforcement Procedures . No. No. G-3604, 1992; Ord. No. Recreational Vehicle Park: Any lot, tract, or parcel of land used or offered for use in whole or in part with or without charge, for the parking of occupied recreational vehicles, tents, park models, or similar devices used for temporary living quarters for recreational camping or travel purposes. A single off-site cultivation location at which the licensee may cultivate marijuana, process marijuana and manufacture marijuana products, but from which marijuana and marijuana products may not be transferred or sold to consumers. 3 Beds. For purposes of this ordinance, a monocactus is not a tower. No. G-6151, 2016; Ord. P:\Non-Permitted Construction, Enforcement Procedures TRT/DOC/00203 . If the front and rear lines are not parallel, the shortest distance between the midpoint of the front lot line and the midpoint of the rear lot line. Most cities require: Completing a permit application. G-4255, 2000; Ord. 1. No. Artwork or architectural design features such as church spires, clock towers and signs or flag poles may also be considered concealed Wireless Communication Facilities if they encase or hide the Wireless Communication Facility. G-5959, 2014; Ord. No. G-4255, 2000; Ord. G-5952, 2014; Ord. 5. Permit requirements vary from city to city, so consult your city's building department for full requirements. Transit-oriented design is a particular type of pedestrian-oriented design that includes design and intensity of land use to support transit in addition to pedestrians. A court order or decree that specifies the manner of conducting the remedial or corrective action. G-3847, 1995; Ord. Wireless Communication Facility, Co-Located: A facility owned by one or more wireless communication service providers that is attached to a facility or site owned by a different wireless communication service provider. Modular Home: A dwelling unit which is either wholly or in substantial part manufactured at an off-site location to be assembled on-site, except that it does not include a manufactured home, mobile home, park model, or recreational vehicle as defined in this section. billboards, oriented to shall mean that the sign face makes an angle of more than thirty (30) degrees with the arterial street or freeway from which the sign is intended to be read. No. Open Space, Common: Land within or related to a development, not individually owned or dedicated for public use, that is designated and intended for the common use or enjoyment of the residents and their guests of the development and may include such complementary structures and improvements as are necessary and appropriate. G-4230, 1999; Ord. Condominium: Ownership of real property wherein the interest in the underlying land is undivided. The Public Works Department . Embellishment, Architectural: Vertical relief from a continuous plane, ornamentation - geometric or organic, cornice, wainscot, change of construction materials or similar superimposed treatment of the architectural facade of a structure. 1/17 The Phoenix Building Construction Code grants relief to owners of property who agree to obtain permits for work performed by a previous owner and to owners who agree to remove non-permitted work that they have constructed. No. Easily download and print documents with US Legal Forms. Garage, Tandem: A garage designed to accommodate two or more vehicles in a line one behind the other, not adjacent to one another. Liner Retail: A retail building adjacent to a street and serving pedestrian traffic. Nearby homes similar to 122 Phoenix Palm Ct have recently sold between $469K to $600K at an average of $270 per square foot. Community Garden: A private or public facility for the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants by more than one person. No. Personal Services: Businesses offering services including barber shops, beauty shops, tanning salons, day spas, weight loss clinics, massage therapy, yoga/pilates studio, personal training studio, laundromats, laundry and dry cleaning pick-up and delivery stations. Residents may be self-governing or supervised by a sponsoring entity or its staff, which provides on-site care, training or support, or habilitative or rehabilitative services, related to the residents disabilities. Cooking Facilities: An area of a dwelling unit or guest house which includes a sink and a significant cooking appliance, including, but not limited to, a range, oven or microwave oven. Bicycle Path: A hard surfaced path for bicycles designed in accordance with standards on file in the Planning Parks and Recreation Department. Balcony: An exterior platform that projects from or into the facade of a building and is surrounded by a railing, handrail, or parapet. Phoenix Home Builders - get access to a huge library of legal forms. Health and Support Services: A facility, place, or building that is maintained and operated to provide medical care. Parking is not considered a separate use for mixed use buildings. No. Separation of Pedestrian and Vehicle: The provision of public access by means of underground passageways, above-street passageways, or other means to separate pedestrian and vehicular traffic. A low wall, not more than three (3) feet high, complemented with trees and shrubs. Adverse Impact: A condition that creates, imposes, aggravates, or leads to inadequate, impractical, unsafe, or unhealthy conditions on a site or on off-tract property or facilities. For multi-frontage lots, the street with the most pedestrian activity is the front street. Construction Project: The erection, installation, remodeling, or alteration of durable facilities upon, under, or over the ground. Roof, Gambrel: A gabled roof with two slopes on each side, the lower steeper than the upper. The modified washes are designed with irregular banks, typically in a curvilinear fashion which simulates washes as they occur in a natural undisturbed condition. Users should contact the City Clerks Office for ordinances passed subsequent to the ordinance cited above. No service is provided to adjacent land and access points are limited to other freeways, expressways, and selected arterial streets, with typical minimal spacing of one mile. Structured Sober Living Home: Any premises, place or building that provides alcohol-free or drug-free housing, promotes independent living and life skill development and provides structured activities that are directed primarily toward recovery from substance use disorders in a supervised setting to a group of unrelated individuals who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction and who are receiving outpatient behavioral health services for substance abuse or addiction treatment while living in the home. Combinations of planted trees and shrubs; or. No. endobj Parking, Shared: Parking that is utilized by two or more uses taking into account the variable peak demand times of each use; the uses can be located on more than one parcel. Residential Convenience Market: A small scale retail establishment the primary purpose of which is the sale of fresh and packaged food, dry goods, and medicine primarily to residents of the multiple-family development in which it is located. Legal Forms for Phoenix General Contractors Residential Buildings | US Legal Forms Phoenix General Contractors Residential Buildings - get access to a huge library of legal forms. Carport: An open building the principal use of which is the storage of motor vehicles, at least two sides of which shall be at least 50% open. A retaining wall shall be no higher than necessary to retain earth. An arena is not a stadium, which is separately defined in this ordinance. 4 0 obj Queue(ing) Lane: A lane on a lot for the exclusive use of vehicles accessing a service window or parking structure. Vq,)](zXFp.*f`Aic8,>3zc l,'uNO1XPf(ztrWV,UT4Q0xSh?. Nothing in the definition of "erotic dance or performance studio" shall be construed to apply to the presentation, showing, or performance of any play, drama, or ballet in any theater, concert hall, fine arts academy, school, institution of higher education, or other similar establishment as a form of expression of opinion or communication of ideas or information, as differentiated from the promotion or exploitation of nudity for the purpose of advancing the economic welfare of a commercial or business enterprise. Charitable Drop Box: A container used for the purposes of donating goods for reuse by others. Tenant Leasable Area: The total floor area designed for tenant occupancy in a retail or office center not including areas such as entrances, elevator lobbies, malls, or stairwells that are used for patron access to the center and where no business is conducted. Sign Structure, Abandoned: A sign structure which has ceased to be used to display or support a sign, and where the owner of the sign structure has manifested an intention to permanently cease to use the sign structure. Park Model: A trailer type unit not exceeding 400 square feet that is primarily designed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, or seasonal use that is built on a single chassis mounted on wheels. A convenience market may include sale of gasoline and packaged liquor. Pet Day Care Facility: An establishment in which household pets are kept for a limited time for the benefit of persons who do not reside on the premises. Street, Front: A street identified by an area plan towards which the front of buildings are oriented to minimize driveway cuts. An individual or two (2) or more persons related by blood, marriage, or adoption, and usual servants, living together as a single housekeeping unit in a dwelling units, or. Right-of-Way: A strip of land acquired by reservation, dedication, forced dedication, prescription, or condemnation and intended to be occupied by a road, crosswalk, railroad, electric transmission lines, or similar exclusive public use. Building Frontage: The portion of the lot in which the building is at or within the minimum or maximum setback from a street, private accessway or public pedestrian path. City of Phoenix > Residents > Residential Building and Permits Residential Building and Permits The city's permitting process is designed to be hassle-free. Mobile Home Development: Any lot, tract, or parcel of land used or offered for use in whole or in part, with or without charge, for the parking of occupied mobile homes. No. No. Bar: An establishment the main use of which is to serve spirituous liquors to be consumed on the premises. Acts of human masturbation, sexual intercourse, or sodomy; 3. Such space shall include lawns and other landscaped features such as walkways, terraces, sitting areas, and outdoor recreational areas when such features are incorporated into these areas. Single-Family Attached (SFA) Development: A group of single-family attached dwelling units located on individually owned lots with common areas which are designed as an integrated functional unit. Minor Collector - Provides for short distance (less than 3 miles) traffic movement; primarily functions to collect and distribute traffic between local streets and arterial streets. G-5268, 2008; Ord. G-5766, 2012; Ord. The City of Phoenix Building Construction Code, Administrative Provisions Section 114 Enforcement, states that it shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to perform any work for which a permit is required by this code before first obtaining the required permits as set forth in Section 105 of these administrative provisions. No. No. Nearby Recently Sold Homes. Off-Street Loading Spaces: An on site space for the standing, loading, and unloading of vehicles. No. Building, Main: A building, or buildings, in which is conducted the principal use of the lot on which it is situated. Such boundaries shall extended to the center of existing abutting street or alley right-of-way. Financial Institution, Non-Chartered: A business other than a State or Federally chartered bank, credit union, mortgage lender or savings and loan association that offers check cashing services and loans for payment of a percentage fee. Step Back: An offset or reduction in the mass of a structure, typically at upper story levels in order to mitigate differences in height from adjacent structures. G-4815, 2006; Ord. c.Through Lot: The front lot line of a through lot shall be that line which is obviously the front by reason of the prevailing custom of the other buildings in the block. Accessible Dwelling Unit: A dwelling unit designed to be approached, entered, and used by persons with disabilities. Street, Private Accessway: A private right-of-way for vehicles which provides a principal means of access to two or more lots which meets all minimum City of Phoenix design standards, and is covered by an ingress/egress easement for emergency and service vehicles and for the exclusive use by the residents and their guests of the lots which it serves. Sample 1. Parking Structure: A parking garage located above ground or underground consisting of one or more levels, that may or may not include other primary or accessory uses. Sign Embellishment: Letters, figures, characters, or representations in cutouts, irregular forms, or similar ornamentation attached to or superimposed upon a sign to provide a three-dimensional effect. Vehicles must be less than 10,000 gross pounds. Yard, Required: The minimum dimensions of a front, side, or rear yard as established by the use regulations for each district. G-3766, 1994; Ord. Disposal in Kitchen, Non-laminate Counter, Pantry in Kitchen, Range/Oven Electric, Refrigerator in Kitchen; Kitchen Fully Updated; . G-5846, 2013; Ord. G-3480, 1991; Ord. %PDF-1.6 % Lot: A parcel of land shown in the records of the Maricopa County Assessors Office, or any piece of property divided to be used separately from other pieces or parcels of property by description, as in a subdivision or on a recorded survey map, or by metes and bounds, for purposes of sale, lease, or separate use in a legal manner pursuant to all state, county, and city requirements for the development and proposed use or that property. Non-Chartered Financial Institution: Reserved. No. Prohibited Use: A use which is not specifically permitted or analogous to those specifically permitted. To report non-permitted construction, call 602.262.7884 or mailto: Non-Permitted Construction, Citations, Notice of ViolationsEnforcement Procedures, Non-Permitted Construction, Fee Waiver-Reduction Procedure, Non-Permitted Construction, Fee Waiver-Reduction Request, Non-Permitted Construction, NOV Release Procedure. Lot Side - The side lot lines of a lot are those lot lines connecting the front and rear lot lines of the lot. Cost of home ownership. In the case of a sign painted on or with letter or insignia directly affixed to the wall of a building, a residential subdivision identification sign on a perimeter site wall, or a non-residential identification sign on a perimeter site wall, the facing or surface of such sign shall include that area: a. The permit is issued when structures are designed in accordance with the building codes and all other applicable codes and ordinances, to ensure the safety of the structure. Non-Profit Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facility: A not-for-profit entity that acquires, possesses, cultivates, delivers, transfers, transports, supplies or sells medical marijuana. No. No. endstream endobj 24 0 obj <>stream Ammunition, Military: Ammunition including bursting charges or incendiary, tracer, spotting, or pyrotechnic projectiles. Enclosed by straight lines drawn closest to the figures extremities and entirely encompassing individual words of symbols; or. Framed-covered non-habitable accessory buildings not more than 500 square feet in area, one story in height, and not closer than three feet to the property line, where the structure is composed of a rigid framework that supports a fabric membrane. G-5766, 2012; Ord. j{8s Bx&KcCc~ !*Q8?Hs. Block: That property abutting one side of a street and lying between the two nearest intersecting streets, or nearest intersecting street and railroad right-of-way, unsubdivided acreage, waterways, but not an alley of such size as to interrupt the continuity of development of both sides thereof. RESIDENTIAL PERMIT CUSTOMERS - The city of Phoenix Planning & Development Department is excited to share SHAPE PHX, the new Land Management Information System, with you. Roof, Mansard: A roof with two slopes on each of four sides, the lower steeper than the upper. Regularly excludes all minors from the premises or a section thereof because of the sexually explicit nature of the items sold, rented, or displayed therein. No. Which is clearly associated or related to the use of the main building, other structure, or use of land, and, 2. 1. More information about non-permitted construction can be found on this Planning and Development Department web page. Arena Sponsorship: A contractual commitment, of at least one (1) year in length, between the ownership and/or management of an arena and an individual or business entity (the "arena sponsor"), including the following elements: (i) exterior signage for the arena sponsor; (ii) special arena seating privileges for the arena sponsor; (iii) means for the general public to communicate with or have access to the arena sponsor to purchase, investigate, shop for, or otherwise gain additional information about the arena sponsors goods and/or services at the arena.

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